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The King & Queen Package

From: 9,920.00

This lavish couple’s package is widely popular. This is combination of body scrub and massage, foot spa, hair spa, full facial spa, your favorite beverages, a sunset sail, a warm shower and a dreamy romantic candlelight dinner, set against a mesmerizing background of the ocean’s breathtaking beauty.

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Best Spa Package

sunset sailingFront Beach Dinner

This lavish couple’s package is widely popular. There is nothing else like it. If you and your loved one would love to have a fantastic full day event without all the hassle of planning, the King and Queen is your one step fantasy experience. This package is an all-day extravaganza, beginning with a rich body scrub in the early afternoon. Followed by countless more treatments, a sunset sailing and a dreamy candlelight dinner with a beach view. Are you kidding me? It’s an incredible bargain. Read the amazing details below:

Body Scrub:
You’ll start with a choice of full body exfoliating scrub or we call it a before sun treatment. And just in case that you got sun burnt skin a body wrap is advised. An invigorating flavors of citrus punch, chocolate fondue or aloe cucumber will invite your senses into a smooth glowing healthier skin and followed by a relaxing massage. Wow! Now that’s the best way to begin a romantic day at the beach. (60mins)

Full Facial:
Feel all the tension. Let go as your face muscles completely relax, the cool tingling sensation across its surface, breathing deeply now. You’ll begin with a skin analysis, followed by a deep cleansing, gentle steam, luxurious scrub, masque and toner and moisturizer. And because you’re worth it we’ll only be using world class products, featuring Obagi, Epicurin and Zen! (60mins)
Foot Spa with Pedicure:
Have your feet had enough attention yet? Didn’t think so. Let’s pamper your tired feet with our relaxing and therapeutic treatments including reflexology massage, healing soak, exfoliating scrub, masques, lotions, aromatic oils, and sexy pedicure.

Have your feet had enough attention yet? Didn’t think so. Let’s give those toes a sexy new pedicure. And you can count on us for a sterile environment. All of our tools are thoroughly prepared with proper hygiene in mind. You can relax knowing that you’re in good hands with an obsession to detail. (45 mins)
Hair Spa:
Bathe your senses while your hair and scalp take center stage. You’ll begin with a Green Tea shampoo, wash and intense moisturizing treatment. Followed by a nice cup of ginger tea while you relax under the steamer to maximize the nourishment and repair process. You will then enjoy an incredible head and scalp massage that will have you moaning for more. Finally, a gentle rinse and blow dry to get you ready for your dinner date. Sounds good? (60 mins).

Sunset Sailing:
You two, will walk straight out to the beach and board the sailboat for an hour all to yourselves. Your able team of sailors will glide you both gently to the Sulu Sea’s blue waters, and away from the island towards the giant theater of the evening sky, where the sun will burn its last orange light before slipping under the horizon. You might want to have a camera with you. After returning safely to the beach, you will be greeted by one of your therapists with a couple of beach towels just in case you get a little wet. Let’s walk the few steps back to the spa now (1hr).

Candlelight Dinner:
You must both be really hungry by now. You’ll be escorted steps away from the spa to your own candlelight table with the beach view. There will be a sign on the table reading “Reserved exclusively for our King and Queen,” with your name printed there nicely. By this time, you will have already selected a choice of cuisine from a special 3 course menu (see below). This is a casual dinner so no need to bring your tux and evening gown unless you really want to. You’ll start things off with a nice glass of wine or cocktail of your choosing, followed by appetizers, entrees, and a decadent dessert. You’ll have lots to discuss from the day’s events. See menu below.
Special Note: Bella Isa Boracay cannot, as of yet, control the weather. In the event of inclement conditions, the sailing and dinner may be postponed and can be scheduled for any other day of choosing.

Gift Package:
Just so that you’ll remember your couple’s event for a while longer, you’ll receive a gift which is your favorite massage oil, for those quiet moments back home when you need to nurture each other after a challenging day at work. The scent will transform you back to your night on the beach with Bella Isa in Boracay. Live it Up!
Bella Isa will do everything possible to make this delicious memory for you


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